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The initial consultation is free


Any prospective patient can come for a free consultation first. During this initial visit, we will have a one on one talk about your case. We want to ensure you are a good candidate for treatment at our clinic and that you are comfortable and familiar with the program. 

At the conclusion of that consultation, you will have the opportunity to get your first treatment or to schedule it for later. At this moment we will take a full intake of your condition, develop a treatment plan and give you your first treatment.

​Reach to us and we will respond at the latest in one business day.


The schedule can change depending on the week. Everything is done by schedule an appointment

Monday: 10am~3pm
Tuesday: 12am~5pm
Wednesday: 1pm~4pm
Thursday: 5pm~6pm
Friday: 10am~5pm


36, 11 avenue South


(250) 420-1590